IFS Ultimo and Alliant RIGSERV deliver a best-in-class EAM solution that accelerates value delivery, improves asset performance, EHS (Environment, Health and Safety) compliance, and cross-team collaboration.
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of all medical devices.

Less downtime.
Efficiency gains
Productivity gains
<2 Yrs.
Return on Investment

More than 2200 companies worldwide have chosen IFS Ultimo to optimize their asset management.

Downtime from unscheduled maintenance has serious consequences.
In manufacturing, it is estimated to cost businesses $260,000 per hour.
Organizations with poor efficiency spend 4x more in wrench time than efficient ones.

IFS Ultimo and Alliant RIGSERV can mitigate these risks and costs to your business.

IFS Ultimo
IFS Ultimo is a SaaS EAM solution that bridges gaps between Maintenance, Operations and Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) departments. It helps solve:

Unplanned downtime and unpredictable costs

Lack of insight into asset health

Poor decision making because of lack of data (opex <-> capex)

Non-optimal communication between maintenance, production and safety departments (silos)
Resource & knowledge challenges (aging workforce)
Alternative to expensive EAM software with bad user adoption and long implementation times

IFS Ultimo is quick to deploy, simple to use, integrates seamlessly, and delivers unmatched value

Unparalleled Return on Investment

IFS Ultimo’s EAM platform offers a scalable asset management solution that adapts to your organization’s needs. Offering the same level of functionality as the major vendors at often ½ the cost and ½ the time to implement IFS Ultimo provides unmatched ROI to your company. Let us show you a subscription plan that meets your needs.
Mobility on the Go
Access IFS Ultimo no matter where you are offline or online. IFS Ultimo’s mobile app provides real-time access, boosting hands-on tool time and data reliability. Leave needing to return to your workstation and inputting hand written notes to your competition. Ultimo Go+ lets you spend your time on the things that matter.
Link with Smart Innovations
IFS Ultimo integrates to practically every application in your stack: Asset Performance, IoT/OT, AR, Drones, Documents, ERP, HR, CAD, BIM, and GIS.
Partner with Alliant RIGSERV!

Combining Alliant RIGSERV’s expertise and extensive experience in inventory and asset data management with IFS Ultimo’s robust EAM SaaS solution, we can quickly lower costs while delivering the functionality your organization needs to thrive.

Team of EAM experts based in North America

Expertise in inventory and asset data management

Longstanding partnership with IFS

100% customer satisfaction
Comprehensive asset management solutions for healthcare, energy, marine, and manufacturing
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