IFS Ultimo for Hospitals
Data integrity is one of the most important aspects in the healthcare industry.

Healthcare operations create data in a variety of ways and use it for numerous purposes including in the maintenance of equipment and machines. Often, these data are duplicated, fragmented, or outdated when it crosses different departments. 

This is where master data management (MDM) can help.  

Is your maintenance and asset master data accurate?

Many hospitals are unaware of the poor state of their asset and maintenance master data, but accurate maintenance and asset master data is the foundation for peak efficiency. Are you confident yours is up-to-date?


Accurate Asset and Maintenance Master Data 

MDM ensures the asset and maintenance loaded into your Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and Computerized Maintenance Management (CMMS) systems are accurate and fit for purpose. MDM is the foundation of an effective EAM strategy.  


Different platforms can be used, and changes are easier to manage


Users selects what data goes in making it valuable for business needs


Data is centrally located which eliminates redundant data

Easy backup

Centralized data sources is helpful in cases of loss of data or disaster management

Access Rights
Admin can change and grant different access rights based on employees’ role
Data Analysis

Can look at concrete numbers to derive trends and insights

Do you need help with building high-quality maintenance and asset master data for your EAM, CMMS, and other maintenance and reliability systems?

Complete Solution Suite

Master Data Management

Our Master Data Management proprietary technology is powered by Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Image Vision Analytics, Web Scraping and Attribute Parsing. This automates the data enrichment process, providing you with best-in-class results.

Data Trimming​
This step involves removing the majority of the unused and duplicated cards.​

Quick Match

This stream will be done in conjunction with the trim and seeks to improve your master data with RIGSERV catalog data.​

Data Improvement

When cleaning up existing data has been insufficient, additional work is carried out based on research by using the manufacturer and part number or walking down the spares.​


Ongoing management of master data in a consistent way to ensure a catalog is a tool for operations.​

What We Do Differently:

Our Master Data Management Solution covers a wide range of areas, such as Customer, Supplier, Catalog, Asset and Inventory, and is designed to be flexible enough to meet the needs of any organization.
Transparent Visibility​​

We provide status updates via our Catalog Dashboard.

Customer Focus​
Our team of professionals understand the urgency and importance of accurate master data.​

Our subject matter experts using our proprietary tool complete a thorough review of all items to ensure zero duplications.

Best in Class Feedback​
We continue to provide specific and actionable feedback to foster improvement

ALLIANT RIGSERV is ready to help you manage your master data!

Ask us how you can benefit from the best in class of master data management services.